How do I prove to him how sorry I am and get him to forgive me?

I really messed it up big time with him. I broke up with him because I was just a complete idiot. I told my friends stuff about our relationship that he thought I should have kept between us and we fell out about that. After we broke up I started acting jealous and bitchy because he was always talking to my sister. He now hates me and won't talk to me. Before we went out we used to be best friends but now I don't know if it can ever be like that again. Its killing me because going from talking 24/7 to nothing is horrible. I don't know how to prove to him that I'm sorry. I've told him how sorry I am but he won't talk to me. I'm scared I've lost him forever. I can't concentrate on anything anymore apart from him


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  • He doesn't trust you anymore. The things lovers talk about is private. You might not ever get him back because the trust is gone


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  • From vicarious & personal adventures past that were identical to this ,,,,,
    leave him the hell alone - this is NOT a match
    You both need to find The One and this is NOT it for (at least) him, certainly not someone you care about.
    Sure, I could give you tricks to get him back BUT it just begins again & IF you can trick him into marriage, now we involve kids, lawyers & real downers that can lead to self destruction WHEN (not if) it blows up again - forever.


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