Why did my ex delete me on fb and stop following me on Twitter yet look at my tweets and watch my snapchat stories?

Me and my ex lived 40 minutes away from each other and only dated for 4.5 months. We saw each other every weekend and it was good at first. He got too comfortable and stopped texting me first and stuff like that. One day I didn't text him all day and that night I text him and he was super mad that I didn't text him which caused a fight and our relationship was pretty much over but I just gave him space. A few days later he dumps me over a text. The next day I ask if we can talk and he says about what? As far as I'm concerned we're both single. I tell him I at least need my stuff. So we meet halfway he gives me my a bag of my stuff and takes off. He couldn't even look me in the eye. When he got home he deleted me on Facebook and stopped following me on Twitter. So why is he still looking at my tweets and then tweeting about me and also looking at my snapchat stories?


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  • Because he wants to get over you but is to afraid to let go entirely because he still has some feelings.

    • Ok then why would he let go in the first place if there are still feelings there?

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    • This is the whole thing. We were happy a week ago I left his house Monday morning and he begged me to come back to see him after work and then Wednesday we had the argument. It all happened in a few days.

    • Okay, that's some critical information. Of course he ain't over you after a couple days. He deleted you in an emotional state, and he probably regrets it. that said I don't think he's wortn your time of he reacts hostilely to emotions. But there is a chance he thought you giving him space was you being mad and about to break up with him so he reacted by defensively doing it first.

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  • He can delete you on Facebook or Twitter but he can't delete you from his heart. A person can never forget the one who was so close to him/her. His feeling are pushing him to do that even if it's all over. It happens to most of us.

  • When people break up they do stuff such as checking out what their ex is doing i know I do it cause i've done it
    i don't know if women do it i guess were holding on and there's feelings we can't let go.

  • because he regrets his decision and knows that he made a huge mistake
    his heart wants you but his brain knows that he can't have you


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