It's OK - you are a survivor! ... means what?

Your friends in common with your ex are consoling you but you know they are on her side. She dumped you on a self centered whim to change partners, a better catch retirement-wise. What does this phrase - that they use to feel better about your situation - or makes them worry less about you - or makes them feel less judgmental about their friend (the ex) - or is it her whims are A-OK so long as you don't die?


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  • I'm sorry about the shitty situation dude, but the question... doesn't make sense.

    What do you want/need to know?

    • Thank you for your time, please go on to another's Q

  • Basically she dumped you for a richer guy

    • Please read the Q...
      + tangent you prefer to pursue... perhaps to feel better via a put down... actually not richer just employment leading toward better retirement plan
      At least you too the time to respond... sigh

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    • Sweety, I am a fan of ALL your past Qs & As... really, I am sincere.
      BUT when I have to spoon feed in come cases, I get really tired and just want to move on or converse with those that seem to "get it". My IQ is only 146, which I assume is average in this day & age, so have to also assume if the comm doesn't make connection it's either due to "speed reading" (as many do their emails these days) or just culturally walled off from the parlance. It's OK, thanks for your time; I often have NO answers to the more complex Qs

    • Er there were only two answers. Considering Commie didn't understand your question either...

What Guys Said 1

  • "You won't die."

    • Amended: "You won't die. You will find others."

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    • Pretty much.

    • Well, that's compassion for you

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