Getting back with the ex girlfriend smart?

So I'd say it's been a year and some change since I've broken up with a 6 year relationship with my gf/fiance. We loved each other but there were slight differences that made us fall apart. I remember after the break up she kept asking me back a few times and I ignored her because I was mad that she broke it off. She even requested being friends , but I couldn't do it because I needed time to heal and I couldn't see her with another guy.

Anyways I've been dating and going out with friends to forget her and it's helped a bit , but I still have my days of missing her. I also have dreams of her that keep me up at night. If I was able to contact her now. Do you think she'd find it creepy? Like "move on buddy" or "why are you contacting me now?" I have no clue if she feels the same way as I do to tell you the truth.

I keep telling myself "Come the fuck on buddy". Just move on , I'm sure she has. These thoughts are just really stupid and random.

My plans was to ask her if we can start back at the bottom , such as small dates again. Maybe redo things again

I know it's been a while , she probably had a few dates , probably slept around a bit and might possibly have a BF. I know I had my fair share of dating and nights with women , but still. Any advice helps and no trolls please.


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  • I don't think it would be creepy to contact her. What do you have to lose? 6 years and even engaged? You mentioned she asked you back a few times and to be friends but you said no. It's possible she's feeling rejected herself and is why she hasn't contacted you, but was understandable on your part because you were upset. Could be a lot of mixed communication. But also think about why the two of you split up. It can be easy to miss the good times and the long relationship while forgetting the reason why you two split in the first place. This way you can determine if it's still love and something to continue or just missing her.


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  • Don't rebuild... you need to start afresh so the same things don't make you fall apart.
    She has shown herself to be a little unsure if she broke it off, THEN said maybe she shouldn't have.
    It sounds as though there's some need (s) that she felt weren't being met in the relationship and she wanted space / freedom to explore getting them met elsewhere. That's NOT your fault, I'm just saying this is what she may have been going through (her side only, totally impartial).
    If it were me, I'd ask her if she has a boyfriend now, and work from there. Best is to do this in person so you can carry on the conversation... there's also no body language to read in a string of texts ;-)


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  • I think you should tell her. If you don't, you will always wonder. Plus you're the one who ignore her after she tried to get back with you so maybe she's giving you space since you didn't want to get back.

    If it's worth it & you think everything can work out in the end, give it a shot! Don't let your ego get the best of you.

    Like you said, if she does want to work it out. Take it slow. You guys are basically getting to know each other again.

    Hope this helps!

  • I say go for it if that's how you feel. The timing may be right this go around :)


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  • Of she is single then go for it... see what happens...

    But I would suggest you To start fresh...


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