Does anyone else love the feeling of revenge?

I got finally back at my former friend who i was trying to get revenge on for ages. She caused me to break up with my first BF last year ago, and now she was dating this other guy for 5 months or so. I contacted her BF and pretended to be her friend. We chatted on FB and then i asked him if we can meet without her knowing. After a long time persuading him into having sex with me, i succeeded. We had sex and he told me he will leave his GF for me if i want.

I agreed and we are now together, he told her that it's over and that he is now dating me. My ex friend started crying on the phone and i felt sooo good.

I am so happy now i am feeling wonderful. I just wanted to share this somewhere. Thank you for reading.


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  • Like 2Pac said "Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting p*ssy".

    Now being serious, revenge does sounds good, but I think there are sometimes when revenge is not the option, as this is one of them. You did wrong, and your relationship with that guy is obviously not gonna have a happy ending, and your ex-friends relationship with that guy is the prove that what I'm saying is truth.
    She did wrong by breaking you and your bf, and she paid it now. In a future, the same thing is gonna happen to you.


What Girls Said 1

  • wow! this is just sad. and disgusting. so, you're happy you know have your ex friends dirty left-overs? well, ::clap clap::

    • Yup, he is hot so why not?

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