Love quotes on social medias?

Girls could you please look at this:

My ex dumped me. and 35 days ago I cut her out of my life. Removed her from all social medias etc .
She has not tried to contact me, but then again: It sends a pretty strong message...

I just found out she has now joined Tinder.
So I went to visit her Instagram. I can see she post these random love quotes that you can finde all over the internet. Like once or twice a week.

What do you girls make of this? Why would you start to post these quotes? isn't it a cry for attention? A sign you are missing love, or a sign you are missing a certain person and hope he takes the hint?
Hope to get some more female input. Guys are also welcome if you have experience with this. Just stay away from replies like: "move on"... :)


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  • If she has 'Joined Tinder,'sweetie, and is now posting all these different 'Love quotes"for everyone to see on Instagram, this is probably her way of wallowing in her own misery because She is Missing the Kissing and everything you both had when you shared this life together.
    And with being on Tinder mating site, she is not looking for so much True love again, but perhaps for now, just someone to be this Rebound Robert that she knows will not replace you or at least right now, but just guys in general who she can Compare them to to You.
    She probably is looking for love in all the wrong places, but with quotes, comes tears, and in her heart, she hasn't even begun to lick her wounds yet.
    Yes, most likely is hoping in her heart that you take a 'Hint' of how much she is really hurting.
    Good luck. xx

    • so she is hurting, and is just trying to heal the best way she can? Could my No Contact maybe make her affraid to reach out again?

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    • Now she has started to "Like" some of the pictures I post on Instagram. It seems like you were right 😉👍
      Thanks again

    • Ohhh, so welcome and thank you here, dear, for allowing me to help... Happy holidays.:)) xxoo

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  • Its probably her missing the feeling of 'love' or being in a relationship. Now that she no longer has that intimacy in her life, she wants it back. She wants a positive look again on love and relationships. It's not necessarily to do with you.

    • Thanks. That was also what I was thinking. Ofcause we can only guess if it is about me or not. But we will not know for sure.

  • Well if you deleted her as your friend from everything, how would she even know you're seeing her posts? She probably does miss you though or possibly found someone else? Depends on what she's quoting exactly.

    • "It doesn't matter who wants her, as long as she only wants you"
      The reason I visited her Instagram for the first time in 1,5 months was because I saw her on Tinder. Yes stupid of me I know.

    • Nah that's not stupid at all. If me and my bf ever broke up, I would check his stuff every once in a while to see how he was.

  • What do the quotes say? Do they imply she misses someone, or that's she's found someone new or what do they imply?

    • Well. One was just a hot guy with a plate of breakfast. Her comment: I need this too.
      2 other images was just a couple making out in bed. She didn't write anything.
      And one images was also a couple that was spooning. The girl was the backspoon, and the quote said: it doesn't matter who loves her, as long as she only loves you.

    • Seems to me like she's waning a relationship. Not that she's directing it at anyone just at someone. If I were you wih would continue to not look at her social media

    • Thanks. I dont know what to make of it, and ofcause only she knows for sure. So I am just asking so girls on this site so they can tell me why they would do it.

  • Some females have different types of dealing with break up, some go out, some stay home, some hold it in and some just express it with whatever they feel comfortable with, I can kind of relate to your ex because some quotes explain/show how I feel and sometime I do wish he could see them and just know how I'm feeling. I don't have an answer of why we do it but I guess I just a way of letting our feelings be known. If its recent and feelings were really there then she probably wants you to talk to her

    • Actuallly they are just inages of couple in bed cuddeling. Only on has a quote on it. This one: "it doesn't matter who wants her, as long as she only wants you"
      What do you make of a quote like that?

  • We generally think people who get dumped are the ones who suffer. The truth is the ones who dump equally find it tough. They go through guilt pangs. Its their conscience speaking to them. Give it a few months. If she can't get over it or find a replacement, you could try contacting her if you still like her. Actually, break-up is not a one-time thing - you just can't give a date and say, "that's the day I stopped loving that person." Its a process. So, I feel its never too late to heal and forgive and get back together. But this is ONLY possible if you believe in it.

    • Well said! Bravo

    • So... You guess she is hurting because of my No Contact?

    • She's definitely hurting. The meaning of those quotes should give you a clue as to which direction she's headed. I think you could try contacting her on a special occasion. That way, you will be safe in case she doesn't respond positively, and you can back off without feeling awkward.

  • I dont think you are overthinking it. We women will dump men when we want some spice in our life or we find that no matter how much we may love you... if we find ourselves crying tears of sadness (for whatever reason we deem necessary) more often than we know is healthy for thw relationship. ... we will TRY and walk away... even if it kills us more to do so

    • Sooo... What you are saying is she could be frustrated that I am not chasing her?

    • The term "not chasing" is so immature. Get over yourself. If you want her show her in a manner that she recognizes... NOT what you think is best. Being in a healthy relationship just doesn't revolve around what you want. It entails learninh to overcome out selfishness and do what other want. THIS is how people work hard to stay together.

      Cuz right now... it appears she is too much hassel for you to bother with. That old cliche "I dont know what to do" . GET off your tail and pursue her... IF SHE IS WORTH IT... not just becuz you might be lonely. ;)

  • I think she's not so subtley letting people know that she is single and open to new experiences. Since she's joined tinder, she probably just wants to have fun for awhile with whoever she's meeting. So yeah, in a way i guess it is a cry for attention.

  • well, posting anything that doesn't mention you mean Nothing.
    she is just killing time and trying to get positive overview about love and relationships from these quotes... and nothing else.
    she doesn't contact u doesn't mean she doesn't want to contact you. may be she is using no-contact rule crap and wanted you to contact her.
    well.. u can't really say anything from such activity..
    internet means nothing in real life.
    you are just overthinking about it..

    • She never ever posts stuff like this online. Only pictures of herself or pictures she took herself. Nothing like this. So it is out of the ordenary. I am not saying it is about me. But it seems like a cry for romantic attention

    • well, i don't think so...
      girls usually have lots of attention... may be its her way of dealing harsh memories from relationship...

  • I am an online writer who collects quotes about all kinds of topics.
    I also believe that love is total self delusion.

    You are OVER thinking this and WANT it to be about you.

    I personally think your ex is purging out the last remaining remnants of
    poison or has moved on to someone new.

  • Some girls are just sappy like that. Don't assume it has anything to do with you.

  • She probably just wants to move on and that's her coping method. I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. If she wants you back, she'll come back in good time.

  • Why did she dump you? Lets start from there. Did she want toget more serious and you werent ready. Did you cheat? Did she cheat? Did she say that she stopped loving you. Then we can talk about if she loves and still misses you.

    Here's the thing many girls are romantic and we believe in love quotes and mushy internet shit and we will post mushy internet shit whether we are in love, no in love, in a relationship, divorced, widowed or single. So her posting signs and asking for attention or whatever you call it is not a sign of love.

    Take care.

    • One week the relationship was perfect.. The next week she said her feelings had faded.

  • she's going mad

  • One of my girl friend puts up quotes like that just because she likes the quote. I would say don't make any assumption.

    • Normally I wouldn't. But the reason that I do is because this is so unlike her... She has never ever posted a picture online that wasn't her own. She never posts any images found on the web, she never quotes anything. So it is so out of the ordenary that it makes me wonder why she, and other girls do this and what it means. But you take is that it means nothing?

  • Yeah kind of is... the break down and madness is coming though just wait

    • So you are seeing this as she has nor reach the stage of grief/second guessing in her breakup process?

    • not quite yet. But she will and it will be ugly

  • When I go through love quotes, it's usually because I am missing someone or I am in love.

    • Ok, so for you it is because of a certain person that you are thinking of/are in live with? Not because you just miss love in general?

    • Correct

What Guys Said 2

  • So if you cut her out of your life, why would you care what she posts on instagram, or what site she joins? I thought you "cut her out of" your life

    • claps hands

      however, female exes would possibly stalk social media after like 6 months...

    • So would some males ^-_- (up arrow means raised eyebrow, don't know any other face to make to show that) (is the "claps hands" sarcasm?)

  • Sign you are missing or wanting to know the status of a person (to hopefully see them hurting without you):

    Going to check their online profiles
    Asking questions about it to re-assure what your thoughts are on it
    Not wanting to hear "move on" answers because you know we know what you're up to ;)


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