Why would my ex care who I speak to?

Especially when he has moved on by the looks and is with another girl, why would he get jealous over the fact that I'm talking to someone?


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  • because he's jealous and misses what he had..


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  • Been there my x split up with me and said he never wanted to see me again i loved him but I have had a lot of hurt in my life and although I thought he was the one I done things for myself and concentrated on things that made me happy anyway one evening he came over and ended up going through my phone and was being really nasty about it and i said you didn't want me so what am I supposed to do sit miserable... hmmm dont think so but then I was told that when someone breaks up with you its usually a 60/40 split and even if they have moved on this is just rebound and they are still questioning there decision so this is why he is jealous because he doesn't know if he made the right choice and you need to show him he made the total wrong choice just be cool let him be jealous and i can assure he will be back to you

    • Thank you, we haven't spoken in months though! You seem really nice, a girl I could tell anything haha

    • Doesn't matter there is a time process healing from the relationship and breakup, trying to be social and happy the missing you time frame which can be from 3-6 months and moving on ot. doesn't matter if you have not spoken for months they will still think of. you and be reminded of you everyday. My x told me that the song off an advert that i loved would come on and instantly it would melt his heart he jokingly said you little bitch... i thought it was quite cute especially for him then he said... you just come into my world turn it upside down but for the better and now that advert is on all the time and i can't get away from you... iam a nice girl that is why im on here to give my caring kind good advice

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