How can I stop missing my ex?

long story short, I'm beautiful inside and out and I was great to him in every way that counts. out of the blue he broke up with me but said he loved me and he might come back someday (i hate sitting around waiting for him I'm not the kind of girl who does that) he was a real jerk and did everything that a guy might do to hurt a girl, I know I deserve A LOT better than this but I loved him way too much and still miss him after 3 months of absolutely no contact. how can I forget about him and move on? this is killing me.


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  • Find a new set of friends, people who are older, different in ethnicity, from different walks of life and even from other countries
    start talking to them, open up to them share your life experiences hear there's and your brain will automatically start deleting information that is keeping you from moving on
    what happens is when we are in a toxic relationship, our brains trick us into adapting to that situation which makes the relationship bearable but when it ends the brain which has adapted to that relationship can't find the problem yet its producing the solution so we feel bad and want to get back in that relationship
    Hope this makes any sense


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  • Keep busy and don't wait for him to come back because he won't. Sometimes people like to say stuff like "I still love you" because they think it will soften the blow of the breakup. Just remember if he did love you he wouldn't break up with you in the first place. Surround yourself with your friends and family, focus on your hobbies or even pick up a new one. Just keep yourself busy so you think about him less. You'll see eventually you'll start to really move on.

    • i'm doing all this but i'm still hurting, how long does it take to forget someone you deeply love? :(

    • There's not one answer for that since it depends on so many things like how long you were together, how deep your feelings were, etc. You're doing the right thing by keeping occupied. It always feels like you'll never move past an ex when you first break up but in time we do.

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  • Try to keep busy and do your own thing, if he hurt you that much then you shouldn't let him come back even if her begged you to let him, especially after leaving like that. There are some great guys out there that will show themselves eventually, especially if you treat them as well as you did him. Wait for them because it will be worth it. His loss.

  • Make a doll, attach a picture of his face to it, and stick it full of pins until it falls apart. That should work out all the anger you have and you can start life anew~

    • I'm not mad at him, he was so stupid that he didn't see what he had and that's his loss! he's not worth to be angry about. the problem is that i'm so mad at myself cause i let him walk allover me! that's what really bothers me

    • Hit yourself a couple of times over the head with something fairly soft, like a volleyball. You should still get the same effect!

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