Best friends bf is a cheater?

I just found out my best friends bf of 6 years cheated on her. He was sending a co worker pics of his d*ck, vice versa, talking dirty, wanting to meet up, etc. I don't want to hear "well that's not cheating cause they didn't have sex" that's your opinion, to me it's cheating. Anyways, they live together and moved 2 hours away for college. Not completely sure what she is going to do at this point. :/ Not really looking for answers just looking for anyone else who has dealt w/ the same thing with their best friend or similar situations/venting lol
my best friend knows, she's the one who found the messages to and from this co-worker on his computer. So she is well aware, but now she is going through the "we can make it work I think" stage. I really don't think its in her best interest to stay with him. He isn't apologetic and when she asked him all he said was "we'll talk later" and he left for the weekend to go see family. I'm trying to explain to her if she stays w/ him she won't be able to trust him, and it will be hell.


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  • If he's doing that to her now and she doesn't know, there's a very LOW likelihood he'll stop unless she knows.
    Even if she knows and confronts him and beats the shit out of his ball (which he deserves, lol, you're right, it IS cheating), there's still a a likelihood he'll do it again.
    Trust me, had it done to me more than once in my longest ever relationship. :)
    If I were that friend, I'd want you to tell me. And if I were you, I'd tell her!
    I also understand what a difficult position that puts you in. A way to make your position easier is to present her with EVIDENCE - simply telling her what you saw him doing may not convince her, and she may misdirect some rage at you :/ so be careful how you approach it :)


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  • Haven't been through this, but yes. He was sending pictures and sexting with Another girl, I'd definitely consider that cheating. It doesn't matter that your friend's bf hadn't had sex with that other girl, he's still cheating.

    • I think you need to tell her if you have not done so already

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    • Truly unqiue cheating is when the other other person doesn't see it. I am sorry but why do guys have to be jerks like these guy cheating is not good and things well get worse , you never know she might find out on her own.

    • Exatly @SweetSweetheart32 obviously not all guys are like this, but the ones who are, are douches. If you feel you have to hide it, you're cheating

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  • I am doing that. I have a partner now but am speaking to another girl in my home country. It is definitely cheating. I am having an emotional affair.


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