Is my long distance relationship over?

I feel so lost. I've been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for a year and a half. We last met over the summer and since then we've argued many times. Also, lately I feel like we're running out of things to talk about (this is very strange to me as I can hold a conversation with just about anyone. I feel like we trail off too often while videocalling. Maybe the reason we have nothing to talk about is because our lives are in two separate countries?) Next, things on his end haven't been very positive and lately I feel drained hearing about it.. I never hear about anything fun or positive on his end, even though I know it's not his fault. I feel so guilty about feeling like this; I still have feelings for him and I'd rather this worked out. We've made plans to see each other, even to live together, but I'm having second thoughts because I'm not sure how I feel. To the outside view, all this seems, yes, very negative but I assure you I've stayed in this relationship because in the past I have been sure it will be happy in person. Now... because of said recent arguments.. I'm not so sure. My question is... is this over before it has even begun? Perhaps I shouldn't ask strangers for advice but I'm desperate. To put things in perspective, I'm in my early 20s. Is it worth continuing this?


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  • Three years ago, a man from Egypt found me on FB and we had started a whirlwind romance. After getting to know him better on Skype, I then flew off to the magical land of Cairo, where I stayed for 30 days. Things went so well that after coming home, I boarded that pane again, this time tying the knot with him at the Ministry of Justice. I resided there for awhile, learning how to be a Muslim's wife.
    I am back in the states again and I had a few of my own questions to answer as To-----Is this over before it has even begun? I had a sour ball in my mouth while I was over there because of some unjust situations... I haven't stepped foot on that plane to go back. I ended up having a long affair with a Coptic Christan from Egypt who lived nearer to me and my marriage with him and his family drown like a rat.
    It takes two to tango and two special people to be in a LDR. If only one or even None of you is making the effort or finds that is sizzling, then something is not smelling right in Denmark.
    If you are at a loss of words, there's no spice to life on the other end, then you both have to compromise and fix it before it goes dead in the water like a sick duck.
    My husband and I made love online. It was a way of reaching out, keeping him happy and sharing our love. We never ran out of words, things to talk about and even our messages were full of heartfelt feelings.
    However, I grew tired of the cam, the time difference, looking my best and you know the rest... he was this loyal dog, always there for me and even forgave me when I went astray.
    Before you can even think about a future with him, you both have to get on the same page with your relationship. You are beginning to get discouraged, feel as though there's this negativity and gloom and doom... open lines of Convo is your best friend with him... if you don't have That, it's hopeless... living two Separate lives can either make you or end up to break you...
    Good luck. xx

  • long distance relationships hardly ever work out. . . its best if you just call quits.. you two are in different countries..


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