Taking a break? What does that mean?

So my boyfriend and I got into an argument. Yes I'll admit I broke a boundary and went through his phone. I did see him texting a woman telling her the same things he tells me (marriage, wanting kids, building a future together, etc). I confronted him and he said he wasn't serious about it, that he said those things to her because he knew I would see them and prove that I Dont trust him. Now he says he can't deal with my insecurities (he has like about some major things during our relationship so I'm trying to relearn how to trust him) and he wants to take a break. He also said he wants to keep having sex with me during our break. But maybe I'm confused but isn't a break a time to be single and work on oneself? Maybe I'm confused. But, that whole conversation made me feel like a booty call. To be honest I hate how insecure I've been feeling lately and its making me feel depressed. I love him and I might be pregnant (if I miss my period this month I'm sure I'll know) but I also know I deserve to be treated right. Mind you, I'm not cheating, all my friends know about him, I want to introduce him to my family and everything. I just Dont know about what he thinks this break is supposed to accomplish or what a break is supposed to entail. And I'm confused because he can be very difficult to talk to sometimes. All I know is I'm stressed out way too much.


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  • Are you a foreign girl or something? It kinda sounds like he's taking advantage of you.

    At the very LEAST... he shouldn't be expecting sex if you're on a "break." That just smacks of selfishness and ego-centrism. Personally, I don't do "breaks." A Break to me means that you're broken up, period. Either you're in it or not, plain and simple. I don't see why people allow themselves to fall into that trap.

    You may be insecure but this whole sex-thing-while-on-break sounds stupid to me. It also sounds like he's bull shitting you about the text messages. Why the hell would anybody send incriminating text messages as a "test?" He should have just confronted you about it or texted something like, "yeah, my g/f reads my messages and I bet she's READING THIS ONE" Obviously you would have understood and gotten the picture that way.


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  • omg there is nothing wrong with you, his a lying ass who is turning things around on you to make it like you have trust issues. and so you should his texting other girls. and yes he meant it his lying to cover it up. and his breaking up with you to probably pursue her yet he want his cake and eat it too by still wanting sex from you … his an ass dump him and move on he is the one who dosnt deserve you. fuck him


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