My ex didn't respond to my text, why?

Hey all!

So my ex and I broke up 1 year ago. After 7 months of NC he contacted me, but I did not respond. I had his keyboard and he didn't actually give me because it belonged to his grandpa and I believe he had a sentimental attachment to it. When I moved last June, I gave the keyboard to a couple that are friends with him because they would give it to him. They never did. The girl from the couple contacted me saying that they are throwing it in the garbage but still they haven't contacted him for the keyboard. I felt bad and sent him a polite message saying that they keyboard is at their house... He never replied anything, not even a thank you. Do you guys think he's mad at me or something?



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  • I would certainly be mad. You didn't respond to him, so your getting the same medicine you have him. Don't you love karma?

  • You're his ex...
    you did the same at the beginning, but not answering him.

    but yeah, he didn't respond, because he has no connection or want to, bad manners as it may be.


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