What is my ex boyfriend playing at here?

Right this is my 2nd post we broke up 12 wks ago after a 7 yr relationship. a very happy inlove one.. He started dating a girl off social media within a wk. bedded her left her tried with me i said no he went back to her. left her again tried again with me but i said id moved on so he went full swing with her pics relationship all over social media.. emailed me often to see my girls who he step dad too i refused because of his behaviour... I have now met a guy and everything calmed down so i agreed to him seeing girl 1st time on tue.. he emailed me on Monday asking and i said yes But because I am now being very nice and talkin he has gone mental with me calin me names havin a go at me tellin me to get my new fella to pay him £500 he gave me before the break up etc.. The he sayin sorry that seeing me has made him angry and he hates me.. He is blaming me because he can't afford to live so has to move home to his mum and dads which is next door.. he is using two phones and has his n her pic on the fone he emails me from or watts apps me on. He is bringing his anxiety back to top of list and stating that he doesn't want me to be nice to him and that he wished he had never met me. He is still with this girl he sees at wkends so shouldn't he be happy that im now being co-operative and have moved on myself? I can't understand when i was being horrible because I was hurt from him rubbing my face in it on his new girl he acted so nice ,, but now im happy and being very respectable he has gone off the rails and is so verbally horrible to me.. What is it he actually wants?


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  • does it matter? just move the fuck on. the dude is obviously bad news. who wants a piece of shit like this in ones life? stick to your guns.


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