Why did he do this? What does he want?

Bumped into ex at a work function. He greeted me which was fine and tried to make small chit chat. I politely answered.

Then I thought there are plenty of people to talk to he will leave me alone this is the first time im meeting him since our break up and since I found out he dating a Co worker that he cheated on me with.

He made a point of sitting on my table and talking to me purposely including me in conversation and staring at me and watching me throughout the meeting.

I don't know what message he was trying to give. Surely he didn't need to do that when he is with his Co workers and then obviously trying to get to me when he Should be more interested in his girlfriend!


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  • This was the first time he met you after the break up. Maybe this was his way too say he misses you. While you do what all recently broken up people do avoid each other like the plague. He probably wanted to gauge your reaction. See if you are still interested in him. He wanted your attention.

    • But then not do anything about it? Why bother? Thanks for ur insight 😁

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