He just suddenly broke up with me and cut me off completely?

I'm going out with this guy, it's a long distance relationship so I was a bit hesitant at first but he managed to convinced me that we can work it out by suggesting We could visit each other alternately and so we started dating. He was very consistent so eventho he was far it never felt that way. He's very caring, loving and very sweet.

The time for me to visit him has come, at first I felt abit awkward because I haven't seen him for a while but then we got over that barrier and everything was great. He even wanted to introduce me to his mum which I declined politely as I wasn't ready to take that step yet which he understood.

I planned to stay with him for 5 days, he knew I was coming 2 months before but he was too busy for me and this got me really upset. During the day, I was left with the driver who took me out to sight see so my time wasn't wasted but I wished he was with me because after all I came for him. He would come to mine very late at night and leave early in the morning, out of the 5 days I've only spent 2 days with him eventho he stayed with me every night.

So at the airport I jokingly told him that I'm never coming back because he was too busy for me. But he apologised for being busy and promised me that he'll make it up to me when he comes to see me. He's been giving me an exact day that he's coming to see me and he promised.

I messaged him to let him know I'm safe. He replied that he misses me and loves me.

He usually messages me first as he's 2 hours ahead but I ddnt received any so I messaged him. He took unusually long to reply and then I got a message from him saying he's upset and wants to talk tomorrow instead. I was confused but decided to give him space. The next day he was normal. He said everythings ok and he loves me. He said he ddnt want to talk about what upset him. Then he's gone quiet again. next day I just woke up to a message saying it's over and he just cut me off with no explanation. We ddnt argue or anything :(


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  • On the trip he hardly spent any days with you? It sounds like he has someone else as well on the side. You deserve better than that, they guy sounds like an ass hole. If I traveled far to spend a week with them and they blew me off most the time, I would never speak to him again. I know it hurts now but go through the motions of the sadness and it will get better eventually. Get a new hobby.

    • Yes, just confirmed he met someone else. Worst part is he got his cousin to tell me. But I feel so much better now. I feel crappy but I have my closure.

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  • I would like just move on long distance relationships never work out

  • Be blessed... it was probably a great reason why... he was not for you

    • I know.. I just wished he gave me some sort of explanation rather than leaving me hanging 😞

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    • Thank you so much. Today I found out the truth, he met someone else. I had to find out through his cousin. He what's apped me and told me everything. I'm really disappointed but at least I have my closure now.

    • Now start healing! One door closes another one always open!

  • I don't know maybe there wasn't a connection on his side because he didn't try to spend time with you when you made an effort to visit. He's a douche for doing that. But I don't know what he was going through, maybe he felt he didn't deserve you? :/ But seriously no one should break up through text message its rude.

    • I don't know.. But something definitely happened for him to act like that... I just wished he spoke to me about it rather than cut me off :(

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