Is my ex girlfriend playing games with me?

My ex girlfriend and I broke up about 6 months ago. I broke up with her because I felt like I was honestly bringing her down. Since then we have been talking on and off, and sometimes hooking up with each other. The conversation was playful and upbeat, but lacked emotional depth at times which sort of disappointed me because I believe there was much to be said. She also stopped telling me about personal things in her life.

If it matters at all, she's a bit of a "bad girl". Lately, the only time she seemed to want to talk was when I seemed happy, having fun, and more when she saw other women interested in me. Mainly, she only comes around when other girls seem interested in me. She told me she kept telling herself that now is just not the right time for us to be together, which I partly agree with.

The last time we spoke was about two weeks ago. A girl seemed interested in me even though I wasn't in her. My ex sent me this really emotional song and said she will always love me one. We talked for a little bit, but it seemed disappointing. The next day, she seemed emotionally distant, but somewhat upbeat. We only talked for about 30 minutes the next day. The day after that, she sent me another song, one about being in a passionate relationship and how love is sacred. We ended up hooking up again after that. I texted her the next day, before the weekend, and she didn't respond until the end of Sunday. She said she was "sorry for being rude" and explained that her mother had been sick (which I don't buy, they live in two different cities). I said "it's ok, you weren't being rude" (to minimize and potential arguments). After that, she completely ignored me. She won't respond to any messages and acts like I don't exist basically.

Now I know she doesn't owe me anything, but I've been more than nice to her even when I shouldn't of been. So basically, I need help figuring out if she's just using me as some guy on the back burner or what now.


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  • When people act distant, they're mostly not being honest about their feelings or just hiding stuff from you. It's of no use to be with her, because you won't ever be close again.

    I think they act like this when you hurt them badly as a defence - my boyfriend did and it never got better, because he never 'trusted' me again with his heart. So he got distant.


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  • It seems like she is using you. You should find another girl, they way she treats you is not respectful!


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  • get straight with her. get straight with anyone who's playing with your mind. just talk to her and ask her what's up with all of this.

    if it keeps on going on, Bro, just block her or ignore her. soon she'll stop bothering you.


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