Gender differences in the breakup process?

Just that. What differences are there in the way we process and cope? IYO


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  • Not that much! We all go through stages of grief, denial, anger, and a lot of us indulge in 'rebound' behavior to fill the void left.

    Females tend to ACKNOWLEDGE tiese feelings more, while a lot of traditional guys think it's 'manly' to cover them up and pretend they are just fine with it.

    • Thats what I was thinking. I assume he is just as sad as I am. I have decided not to contact him, and he is cintacting me, but its all business.

      I think he is crying out, but in a manly way

    • Yes, disguising it as 'just business.'

  • I would say there is no difference between genders. The difference is who was over the relationship first

    • Yeah, I think neither of us are "over" it, but we should be because its pure toxicity

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