I need relationship / breakup help!

my ex and i broke up a year ago and she joined my office 4 months ago. she and i broke up because i moved towns and the long distance shit was terrible. i still love her and she knows this. a couple months ago she started to do this thing where she flirts with me one week and ignores me the next. i told her a week ago that i wanted her to just leave me alone if she kept this crap up and she pushed me against the wall and kissed me. after that day i was talking to one of our only friends who are still friends with both of us and she told me my ex had a boyfriend i don't know what to do because she came to my dorr today and told me she still loved me and was willing to break up with her boyfriend for me. i can't stop loving her she's the closest thing to me as my other half but i hate being played with... can you guys/girls help me?


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  • I think the best is be friend with her. Until she break up with her bf. Then you can ask her out. And if she with her bf. You should move on...


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