Still single after divorce. While ex has numerous relationships when I can't seem to find anyone to get passed couple of dates?

It's been 3 years now that I've been divorced. And still have not been in a relationship. Is it because I'm divorced and have a child? When out in places with friends rather it be shopping or simply having dinner it seems like everyone is getting asked for their numbers or get nice comments. That never happens to me.


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  • Do you smile and make eye contact? Are you in shape what do you look like? How do you dress? There are many questions I would ask. To be honest many men shy away from women with kids. It's crappie but true. Message if you want to talk... :)

    • I would say if I do make eye contact with anyone I give a smile. Haha ha guess I would in good shape I'm pretty short 5ft weigh about 113 and dress pretty modern/average for my age.

    • You sound sexy/lovely... I would say it's most likely confidence maybe a little fear of being hurt showing through. That would be perfectly normal and understandable in my book.

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  • How do you flirt? Or were you married so long that your flirting skills atrophied?

    Or did you marry so young that you never had to develop any flirting skills in the first place?

    • I don't even know how to answer that question. This is honestly the longest I have ever been single. I love to be in relationships. While married I completely think I lost myself but I have come back to that person. I absolutely love humor and love making people laugh. I guess part of my flirting would stem from my humor? That's a hard question

  • Yeah then u should also try another guy
    Search or try online
    U would definitely find good guys

    And here there r some guys too who loves women older than him ;)

  • Going to be blunt. You're divorced and have a child. The divorce rate for second marriages is staggering. So why the fuck should a guy want to give you a chance, when stats say that's he is almost definitely going to have to give you most of his money? He'll have to pay child support, even though the kid isn't his, and he'd have to pay alimony, AND split his assets (maybe even his home). And he would be doing it knowing that second marriages overwhelmingly end in divorce. He may as well just write you a check for most of his wealth on date one and never see you again, that's how bad the divorce rate is for second marriages.

    You're probably a nice enough girl. But you're toxic to the touch.


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