Girl who was in total love with me suddenly left?

Ok so I've been seeing this girl for a number of months and we suddenly broke up. All of our friends were pretty shocked thinking that we were the ones to get married. This girl had always been in bad relationships and one particular one for two years that started off good and turned verbally/mentally/slightly physically abusive. Well she had always said I was the only guy to treat her right. I'm trying to get my PhD, I do volunteer work, and loved to go out and have fun. So she would always say how I was her entire checklist and more, or how proud she was to call me her boyfriend and brag about me. And no, I could tell when she told me the things she did it wasn't just lip service, I could see she meant it in her eyes and how she acted.

Well one say she began to act really distant and we suddenly broke up a few days later. Come to find out she's back together with her abusive ex and I was suddenly of no consequence. Needless to say I'm quite confused.. I knew when she talked about her abusive ex she was still hurt over it but still.. I guess I just don't understand the logic or how suddenly I don't even matter.


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  • I think she wasn't over her ex but at the same time she had an eye on you. Maybe her ex made a step to get together with her so she suddenly chose him.


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  • Smh... That's why sometimes I can't stand girls. You did nothing wrong. She was very insecure and she made another mistake of going back to her ex and leaving you. I would move on and try to forget her. They don't learn until they are in trouble or out of options in terms of finding a guy typically. You definently sound like a great guy. Go for that PHD and live your dream. Don't let her hold you back from living life. I can see you being successful and then she crying and wanting to get you back and you rocking the millions haha. But seriously don't beat yourself up. It's unfortunate that this occurred.


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  • If she suddenly left then it means she wasn't so in love as you say, isn't it?

  • her heart was with him

    • Stockholm syndrome and love are two different things. The guy abused the hell out of her.

    • some girls like being treated that way.

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