Is this my fault? Is he using getting high as an excuse?

This guy& I met each other on vacation &had sex &then we lost contact. We recently over the past few months got back in touch. Every night he gets high &asks for nudes, but I tell him "no" because he is really high. Usually the next morning he freaks out because he can't remember what he did that night &thinks we might of done something. He goes on to tell me he has a girlfriend &that he is trying to stay loyal. Then that night he got high again& asked for nudes I told him I couldn't because he had a girlfriend. He responds saying "I'll break up with her. I date her out of pity anyway." So I agreed to send him some nudes. The next morning he tells me that they have broken up &he feels bad because she was saying it was all her fault& he assured her it was his fault. Is this my fault? Is he using getting high as an excuse?
He also cheated on a different girl while we were on vacation having sex


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  • he is getting high because he has a problem and he's being a doche because when you get high you tend to do that
    and its a very idea to send him any nudes specially when he's high (hint= internet leaks). Why are u talking to him any ways? You can get yourself a better man im sure


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  • Why do you text him at all? You girls and your bad boys...

  • You're partially to blame but then the guy's a scumbag and was more than likely going to split up with his girlfriend.

  • It's your fault.


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