Is my girlfriend going to break up with me?

I have a long distance relationship and everything is going pretty well till the last two weeks.

We had long conversations in whats app, during work and in our free time. First she stopped texting me during work with the explanation, that she received a warning from her superior. Which is totally rational by its own, but a week later she took her sweet time replying to me and somethings didn't write back at all. She told me that texting on the phone is complicated and tedious and her fingers getting cold. That's not all, I traveled to her last weekend and she refused to have sex with me, telling me she is not in the mood. On the same weekend she also refused to shower with me. Once i confronted her about my fears, that we are growing apart she replied with a smily and said something like "I am just busy right now; she needs some space; she wanted to avoid a long distance relationship; don't worry on the future"

I always got dumped in my relationships and fear Im going to be dumped again. At the moment Im confused and irritated, can't sleep at night and feel like im going to have depression again.

I'm not sure what I should do right now. I do love her and want to be with her.
(Sorry for my bad English , its not my native language)


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  • Its not easy to have a long distance relationship i think you should give her some time


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  • Yeah, probably.


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  • Just give her some space.


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