Advice please Why does my ex boyfriend won't me to be friends with him When he left me he said he wasn't ready to commit but he is dating someone els?

My ex and I have been on and off for 2 years. We been through a lot of things. He was the kind of dude that wold be protected other me and takes me out all the time. We new each other family's very well he would spend the night and I would go to his family gatherings. But 4 months before we broke up he flipped the script on me he started being very secretive and stopped wanted to go out in public with me. So I was kind of upset , he never did that before. So he made some coward moves to make me break up with him so he want feel bad. And I fell for it because he kept hurting my feelings so I told him I need a day. So he ends up yelling me he dosent want to be with me and we argtie to much. But in reality he was the one starting them for no reason. I was very upset at him and was wondering why he was acting this way to me. And he kept being awfully mean saying I'm annoying because I want to no why he put me last and pushing me away. Telling me don't talk to his family all kinds of weird stuff. But he always end up telling me everytime he be rude that I'm his friend. One day I called him and asked him is he wit somebody else he said yea it's not that hard to find sombody and I'm not the only girl in the world. That hurt my heart so bad because I never did anything to him.. but he still wanted to be friends and he wanted me to talk to him everyday. Right after he told me that the next day he invited me to go out with his family. Like WTF why is he doing this to me? I said no of course he called like 3 times and begged me to answer my phone. I found out later that he had a new gf that was a total downgrade from me I was so confused an she worked with him that made it even more worse because i no her. When he found out I new it was a girl from his job he got mad at me cussed me out and told me to stay out his bissnues. But wait... 2 weeks before that he was all in my bissnues asking me about if I dated anyone and who? Saying he wants to no. Please somebody explain?


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  • I can't stand guys like that, who are afraid to commit and try in a relationship and think they can get any girl. Move on don't waste your time trying to be friends with him. I'm not friends with my ex whatsoever I just act like he doesn't exist. You don't need to be friends with someone like that in your life, trust me. It doesn't sound like he has any respect for you at all. Pack your bags and move on.

    • Yea that's what I'm going to do.. I just don't no why he is doing this can you please explain this

  • Ignore him. He is just a jerk. I think he just confused about himself and being selfish. He told his family that you are just friend. That is clear he was insulting your relationship. And he was not respect you at all. Move on!

    • Yea he told his family I broke up with him as if I'm the one with the problem

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