Should I stay with my boyfriend or break up with him?

We had an argument about an other girl he initially liked before the relationship, because he flirted with her and ignored me when we were out. He kept asking about her (even when we had sex for the first time - my first time ever) and I just couldn't take it - I got really cross. Then he apologized but things were never the same from that point onwards.

He got distant after a while, got recentful and later he even used the argument against me by telling me it was my fault that this argument even happened and that he therefore wanted to break up with me. He told me this a half year after the argument happened, and at the moment the argument happened he apologized and said he understood me and wouldn't do anything like that again.

Now, we're together again. But this time he doesn't put in any effort and demands that he can do whatever he wants towards girls - implying that he can do what he wants without being considerate about my feelings.

I feel trapped in this relationship, he doesn't show me he appreciates me and serious talks about how I feel about things are seen as an irritation. When I say I feel neglected, he says he can't do anything about it and he doesn't neglect me. He doesn't take interest in me, and when I asked him if he knew what my interests were, he actually didn't know.

We've been together for a year and three months, with a break of a month.

Stay or go?


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  • Should you even be asking this question? Going by your description, you should break up with him asap.

    I just don't seem to understand why girls stick with dudes like this, while firnedzoning/rejecting genuine guys just for being 'good'. They will probably never learn.

    • Until you get to know the guy, you'll never know if he's the 'good' or 'bad' one. So it takes a while to recognise what exactly is a good person for you. It's not that simple.

    • I know that, but the guys who seem to be good from the outset are almost always rejected/friendzoned immediately.

    • Anyway, that's a topic for a different time. Now just dump this guy's sorry excuse for an ass immediately.

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  • Go and find somebody else.

  • Kick his ass to the curb


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