So is my ex not over me or am I just overreacting?

My ex and I broke up in April, after dating for about 9-10 months. He broke up with me because he said he's in the wrong time of his life for a relationship and wanted to focus on his schooling/career and such and he said he's also just not ready like he thought he was for a long-term relationship. He doesn't want to settle down until he gets his life together, which he said would take a long time. He said the relationship was great, but he just wasn't ready and he felt guilty for breaking up with me for something that had nothing to do with me. He promised me repeatedly that I did nothing wrong and BEGGED me to stay around though I "left" him for a couple of months after I got fed up with the treatment I was receiving. I became over it, I apologized and he forgave me saying he was never upset at me to start with and it's up to me if I ever wanted to stay around. He said he would always see me as his best friend and he will always be there whenever I need him for anything. My ex also said when he was ready for a relationship, he's assuming I'd have a boyfriend and he would have to deal with that but he will always want me around regardless. We talk everyday (multiple times) a day and we are each other's #1 friend on snapchat again. We never hang out because he's away at school but even when he's at home we never hang out. But it's like we never broke up when we talk (except no romantic talk or anything like that). I have heard from mutual friends that he has talked about me. One of them even asked me if we were getting back together and when I asked him why he said he had talked to my ex about me. My biggest thing recently though is that my ex and I would use to send pictures to each other of our pets or ugly snapchat screenshots we got of each other and such. That recently started back up and I learned that he still had pictures of me and my pets from months ago, though we quit speaking for awhile. I deleted all his awhile back. So do you think he's over me?


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  • I think it's both. I think he's not over you but you might be a bit overreacting.


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