I'm going to break up with my boyfriend for the first time, help me?

I have his mobile phone so things are going to get hard. Every time I have problems and think my boyfriend crossed my boundaries, he talks me out of it and makes excuses for his behaviour. That's why I'm not doing this in person.

I'm writing him a letter, how can I tell him what's going on in a way that he has no desire of getting back and won't get angry at me?

I made a whole list of things that are going on at the moment and none of the points were positive. I'm not getting anything out of the relationship anymore and I'm feeling worthless too.. I don't want to second guess the decision.

Anyone have some advice?


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  • He might get angry. But you have to tell him that he is getting what he wants from the relationship and you are not, so you have decided that you are breaking up with him and there is nothing he can do to change your mind. (Nothing legal that is)


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  • Yeah, a letter is over thinking it. Just say "I've put a lot of thought into this and honestly I'm just not happy in this relationship. For my sake we have to end things. I'm not changing my mind either."

  • lol u can't write it in a way that he won't be angry

    just say it straight and he will deal with it


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