My ex took care of me when I was sick?

My ex and I are friends now. We broke up because of distance, but now we live in the same city two years later. We reunited but his parents strongly disapproved of me so we were forced to split again.

We've been friends for a year and its been fine. I fell really really ill over the past week and my family was away on holiday. My friends were busy and working, and I confided in my ex one night that I was alone. So he came over. He made me soup. I was so grateful and I gave him a hug, and he was.. really careful not to touch any of my skin. But he said anytime. He just made me soup, made sure I ate it, made sure I got some rest and left.

I just dont know if I can look into this? Is this platonic?

Both single.


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  • Hard to say. He obviously cares for you in some way.


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  • Maybe it is no accident that you two are in the same town now. From what you claim and ask, I believe you might, deep inside, cherish some hopes of getting back together. What he did for you was very sweet. I believe if there is love around, nothink is worth overthinking. Just keep hanging out :)


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