I love her she lost the spark But I feel she is the one ole help?

She's 16 I'm 20 we dated for a year and a half secretly
I'm joining the marine corps I love her with all my heart
I would text her everyday call when I could and FaceTime every Friday I would try seeing her as much as possible
I remember the first day I saw her she walked in to my church I looked at her in my mind I said that's the girl I want to marry we talked text as friends for maybe 2 months than I said I like you she said I like you back so we dated didn't really ask her out it just happen later on I would say I love you she said I love you more I wish I could believe that after about the year and a half we went to a dinner together I helf her hand asked her what was wrong she said nothing so the next day I text her out of the blue how do you feel about us she said in the middle I asked what does that mean and the next message broke my heart she said I just lost it can we still be friends I begged as I know I shouldn't have she told me she didn't want to lose me that I was an amazing guy in her life but i just can't remain friends with the girl I truly love she promised me she like love me even if I didn't love her and I promised her the same I still want to be with her do you think if I give her space she does her thing I do mine wait till she is 18 and Able to go out and date we can spark that love again it hurt right now she is the most beauty woman I have ever seen and knowing any and every guy would try making a move on her hurts we had a lot of first together like first real kiss date but in secret first touches and seeing her and her seeing me if you know what I mean
I just want to know why was t because we could go out much what the spark died
And could we one day date and keep the promise of having her by my side forever what should I do please help
And I pray every night asking for an answer
I feel she is the one just can't expain it
And do you think if we stay friends we could someday fall back in love


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  • Wow I'm really sorry that's such a touching story but um in my opinion I think the spark left because she doesn't see u as much since your joining the marines n she's losing interest... n if she wants to be your friend than except it it's better to have her in your life than not at all you know n u should take this time to get yourself together... just my opinion tho

    • Do you think if we can be friends one day we can both be ready or no
      She said she didn't know what she wanted she was stressed she loved me but the next day she lost it I told her I know you don't know what you want I'm here I always will be I can be patient and wait for you
      But right now I'm not talking to her it's been 2 days maybe what do you think

    • Well I think that if she loved u like she claim she do then she would wait on u but I doubt it... I think u shouldn't wait either... if it is meant to be it will happen for sure... just my opinion tho

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