Why does he want to be friends suddenly?

K, i dated my ex bf for about 6 months and then he dumped me for someone else. A few days ago he's been friendly to me even though we dont talk at all (it seemed weird) and his good girl friend said he's trying to chat me up cause he wants to be friends with me. He broke my heart, left me all alone to put back the pieces and now he wants to be friends? Why? I thought he was an insensitive bastard and now all of a sudden he wants to be my friend? 0. o


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  • he is an ass who left you because he probably found another girl now he is on the verge of breaking up with her so he wants to be friends with you so that wen he breaks up he has you to fall on


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  • He is doing it to get you back for sure.
    The question is: why does he want you back? Just to get some good sex, or has he actually changed his mind and want you to be his girlfriend again? be carefull with letting him in, untill you know his true intentions.


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  • He is making a back up plan. Ignore him.


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