Please help I rate!!!?

My ex and I will be broken up two weeks tomorrow.. The only contact he had was to cancel plans we made prior.. He left me because I embarrassed him in front of his family.. I woke up this morning feeling terrible I go out all the time and it's a temporary fix. We dated for 5 years why is he not missing me what goes through a guys head?


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  • Can you tell us what have you done to make him so mad that he brokeup with you? That sounds really silly to me. Why would he brokeup only because of that? Sooo immature.

    • Behind closed doors I wanted to talk to him and settle a problem.. He kept trying to leave and I stopped him.. I doubt anyone heard, but he is convinced they did.

    • so that's the only reason he broke up with you? I can't believe it. He's an idiot. I think you should from now on to ignore him, until he calls you, and if he don't then you didn't lost anything.

    • Thanks so much it's nice to have support :)

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  • Sounds like kind of an asshole to me... His expectations were way too much, and didn't like that or something. Your man should want you for you, not some trophy girl

    • I agree even though he promised to take me for who I was

    • To be quite honest, most guys will tell you what you wanna hear... Hate to put it that way, but it's the truth

  • Im sure he is, I have been there a few times you break up still love that person but for what ever reason also want to stay broken up so you act like you are moving forward to not send confusing signs. Chances are if you dated for 5 years he still care. Studies have shown that around 3-4 weeks of no contact is average for when the human brain will start to miss someone the most. You are just hitting that spot hang in there. If you guys lasted 5 years there is always a chance but you both need some space to roam and see if that is what you both want as individuals and a couple.

    • Thanks for the advice

  • You fucked up in front of his family. Fuck bitches. Family is real.


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  • Some boys dont want to let their family down about themselves. He must have been so ashamed by your behaviour. I hope things work out between you two.


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