Is she trying to make me jealous? Does she still have feelings?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me over a month ago. It was a bad break up due to me begging and she loves me but isn't "in love" with me. 3 weeks after the break up she would call me a lot since she wanted to stay friends but that came to a quick end because I kept trying to work things out and make the relationship work but she had her mind made up at that point. It has been 2 weeks since we talked last..

During this time whenever we are at school (we go to the same college) she flirts with every she knows right in front of me including my friends. Laughing and making it seem like she's unaffected by the break up and has been acting cold and distant. I deleted her off Facebook and Instagram but she's on my Twitter and posts more on that then anything else now about things she misses about us and how it sucks being single.. but then posts how great life is, going out partying and even changed her profile picture to her and this guy we know?

Why is she doing all of this? Could she have really moved on that fast?


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  • I dont think she is trying to make you jealous. She is probably just trying to put up a front that she's unaffected but she probably is actually hurt by it just like you. Girls will often try to act like they don't care in front of their ex in order to prevent any old feeling from coming up. Being around other guys will make her feel like she is wanted by others and not just you. It's a defense mechanism. Once she gets over you completely she will probably become nicer and friendly towards you because she will still enjoy your company.


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  • I went through a very similiar patch never got an answer from the girl I was dating. Basically exactly the same I was working on us and she broke it off because of what ever. A week after she said me being there for her meant more then I would ever know. Aww humans so complicated its wonderful. Only time we have talked since she attacked me for asking how she was and started telling me how great her new bea is. *eyeroll*
    Sorry Im here to snoop the comments :P since I was and still am confused by these type of situations


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  • I never understood why someone (especially girls/women) broke up with their partners if they still have feeling for them? and reading all that you've just written I think she is still interested in you.

  • My ex bf was acting like her he said u broke his heart and I cnt be trusted. He broke up with me and within 3wks he had a new gf, a lot of people said she wasn't even pretty what was he thinking. I was so heartbroken because how cld he move on so fast especially when he was so in love with me n wanted the relationship at first more than me.. he asked me.. i cldnt understand. . he seemed to move on cldnt even sit next to me (work together) and even saw a pic of her on his phone on the screen saver. I wld ask him the whys and how we cld make it work but he didn't want to talk about it n wld get angry n shut down. I wld see him happy laugh as if nothing bothered him I was aching inside. However, as he was with her he started to still be my "friend" he wld text me, hug me till later l found out he told his new gf about me.. how we were still friends.. eventually they broke up lasted 2mths ours was 2 years and guess who he called during the breakup. . him n I aren't still together but him and I kiss it's like we are taking things slow.. so never let what they say fool you.. if you really care show her you are still there i did but do it in a non chalet way because the more I asked? S of us he wld say I pressured him now I dnt say anything and he asks to spend time with me from. time to time.. he has to still have feelings for me


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