Should I try talking to my ex?

So we dated for 7 months and broke up in mid July. Wasn't the best break up ever, but it was far from the worst. In fact it might have gone a lot better if it wasn't for me. Yeah she broke up with me and asked if we could still be friends after would. I said I didn't know and needed time to think. Well she agreed, but I think she might have been in a hurry for an answer and kept asking my constantly. That on its own wan, t bad, but fact that I was still a bit bitter didn't help at all.

It started with me just ignoring her then it got bad to were I just blow up. Both of us said some things honestly can't remember what because I was just angry and bitter at the time. Long story short I just stop talking to her and did everything I could to block her out of my life. Now I'm thinking if we should try to talk again now that things cooled off a bit. I have no interest in getting back together nor being friends it just been eating at be for months now about how I acted and maybe I should apologize.
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Was hoping to see more people's opinions.


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  • Why do you need to be friends with someone once you blew things off with? Unnecessary effort, waste of time, and tears in the end for sure. Once an ex is just an ex 1 out 1 million couples stay friends just because generally they have kids. I dont get why people are so into friendship with an ex like there is not a single person left in the world.

    Did you ask yourself what the main reason you wanna talk with her is? Or what will be your gain? Or what do you really feel about her? Or if you become friends, are you okay with her dating people and having sex with others? Will you say 'just fine' when she is kissing someone else?

    Let me tell you the answer: no cuz suddenly your manlihood will be like whooaa she is mine how did i lose her? I need to get her back i am so jealous...

    So not logical. Let it go even if you feel guilty you mistreated her. Just get your lesson not to do that second time with someone else.

    Ps:: if it makes you feel better, let me tell you this. When she said she wanna become friends it meant she wanted to keep you in her back pocket to use you if she can't find someone else better cuz you still loved ger and would gave taken her back at that time. Pure evilness.

    • Like I stated I don't want to get back together nor be friends. I just I fill bad that she tried to be nice, but I acted like an ass simply because I was bitter.

    • Okay then read my PS. she was not being sweet at some point. s stop blaming yourself.

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