How would you react?What can I do to get back her feelings? (after 3 month NC)?

My ex girlfriend dumped me because she read bad text messages about her in my phone. I wrote nothing wrong, but my friend did and my mother did. I was frustrated sometimes because when we dated, sometimes she was very difficult. I told my friends and mother. So thats the reason they sended it. I fought to get her heart. And finally got her heart. After she read the bad texts i apologized with a deep emotional letter. But it didn't help...


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  • She probably feels like she's a burden to you, your friends, and family

    • I asked for forgiveness, and told her i really love her and that its all a big misunderstanding...
      She even doesn't want to speak about it in person. after she broke up i never saw her again... why so dramatic for those stupid texts?

    • Wow well then she isn't worth the fight.. If she was she would've understood but she doesn't and she probably never will :( it's ok tho because life moves on and there's more people to meet and someone along the way will be worth fighting for:) good luck!

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