Can't get my ex out of my head?

Its been 4 months since my ex of 5 years and I broke up. We had a mutual break up because it wasn't working out we lost interest in each other. I've been so happy since then my life turned around and I feel so much better now that im not with her.

The only problem is that she is always on my mind. 24/7 every day she pops into my head and im sick of it. I dont want that to happen anymore. We dont talk at all. But she seems to be always there in the back of my kind and its frustrating. I've tried everything even tried a rebound but we cut it off and it was worst. I dont want her to be on my mind anymore HELP ME! And i tried talking to her but she won't reply/answer her phone. We decided not to talk for a long time and deleted each other from all the social media. PLEASE HELP ME!
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  • Let time pass by and heal yourself. Scientifically mourning after breakup takes 1.5 month for each year you have dated to heal on average. So you need around 7.5 months. It is normal she is on your mind. Remember moving on, healing, accepting that the relationship is over doesn't mean you have to forget her totally. It means you appreciate that part of your life but dont dwell in it too much that it affects your life negatively. Stop trying to talk to her. Stop using social media. Delete her numbers, if necessary, block so she can never reach you until you heal. Remove her from Facebook, Skype, instagram etc. Let your friends and family know that you never wanna talk about her or hear about updates from her life cuz you are not interested. Remove and throw all gifts notes anything remisnisce the past.. Dont keep anything that reminds you of her. Take time really. I have been in your shoes for three months back 8 months ago... I understand you. Also keep yourself busy and pick new hobbies that you have been planning for a long time to do like photography. Go to new social environmenta witg the help of these 'new hobby' activities. Dont spend time inside. If you need to cry or ventilate, go to bathroom when outside or in if in your room, just cry as much as you want. If you have an urge to call her, talk to her or see her, just immediately write your feelings instead of writing to her. So either carry a little blackbook with yourself or write it on word doc on Computer. If journalling is nt helping at the moment take long walks outside. I have many more suggestions but moving on is hard and requires some strong will and energy. For now just accept the fact that you grew together for five years and it is normal for you to see her everywhere in your life right now due to the length of the time u spent together. Allow yourself to get healed. Dont rush dont pressure yourself.

    • Wow that's so true. thank you so much! That helps a lot!!

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