Should I move on or keep trying... ?

my fiance told me to not do couple things and i kept on doing them but i didn't mean to hurt him or something he loves me so much and i love him too but he doesn't want to talk to me anymore i tried texting him he wouldn't text back or he would just say leave me alone his family are telling me that he's not the same he's upset i dont want to lose him should i keep trying to make him change his mind and gain his trust or move on?


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  • If his families telling you he's not the same right now he's probably just going through some stuff. If you really love him give it some time he'll get through it and it'll all work out so you can just wait it out but make sure you keep giving him texts and stuff like that so he knows.


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  • you have a fiance and you are under 18?
    good you broke up. you are too young to get married anyways.
    and what were those things that you kept doing? i would like to hear those...

    • if you can't function without him if you wake up and go to bed thinking about him then yes keep trying but i also agree that under 18 is too young to get married i say that from personal experience its fucking destructive. your young. live life.

    • it will be hard for the first couple months to move one but noone is hard-to-find-indian-silk and i oppose the fact that one is dependent on another to continue breathing..

    • lmao were not ganna get married any soon it's just both our family's know about us were not hiding anything and even if i get married im not ganna have kids until im ready and i think the time you have a baby is the time when you have to be more careful and responsible and thats the hard part about the marriage

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