Should I continue down this road, or no?

So here it is... I was dating this guy for almost six months, until we ended things... more like he ended things. I broke after he told me that it was over. I never thought I would hurt that bad since it was only for six months. But apparently I fell for him hard. I never thought my heart could break into a million pieces again. The first time was when my dad killed himself, but still.

I didn't talk to anyone or eat after, I was heartbroken. But it has been months since I heard or seen him and I'm doing fine. Just been working my ass off. Until recently he and I started talking again. He texts me off and on, and talk about whats new.

So tonight... my heart dropped when he asked me to go out and join him and his roommates and party out in the town. I didn't text him because... well I don't even know. He texted me again saying "I haven't seen you in months, and I would really like to see you tonight and catch up."

I want to see him, is that wrong after he hurt me and ended things over a rumor he had heard? So my best friend and I are going to go and meet up with the birthday boy and my ex and a bunch of other people, but I'm so nervous.

I'm scared because I feel like once I see him, those feeling I tried so hard to get rid of is going to come running back and my heart is going to break again. I thought I was over him... but I'm not. I just feel like he's the boy who got away, but I don't know how since he let go of us.

And plus the guy who started such rumors is going to be there tooo... its going to be interesting...

But i don't know, if this night turns out good. And my ex wants to talk to me more or see me more... should I?


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  • I don't know much about this stuff but it depends on weather or not he's a guy you like and want to be with. Sometimes poeple want stuff that is not good for them you just have to ask yourself is this one of those times. Also did he try to find out to see if the rumor was try or not because it's ok for people to have doubts but you should not act off of rumors just try to see if they are true or not and if so why they did it.

  • no, he wants to have sex


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