I'm still in my ex's default pic, why hasn't he changed it yet?

Hi, I'm actually a guy but I broke up with my boyfriend about two months ago and he still has the same default pic of me and him up on his Twitter which he uses regularly, why?

Also, I told him I made a mistake in breaking up with him and have mentioned wanting to get back together. Should I hold out hope?
Oops I replied down below, take a look if you'd like.

I'd also like to add that after really evaluating why I broke up with him, it really comes down to being scared about coming out to friends and family as having a boyfriend. Any argument or problem that we had definitely stems from my insecurities about falling in love with a man and caring what people thought of that.

If I could explain that to him, maybe it would fix it.


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  • He might not be over you, and loved what you two had.
    But the break up probably made him realize that he doesn't want to get hurt
    again and that he isn't ready to be in a relationship.

    My opinion would be very different if the scenario were the same,
    but instead he had regular contact with you and said
    he wanted to be back with you.

    But since he only has a photo of you, and he isn't initiating contact
    (or saying those things), I am led to believe that he likes
    things the way they are now.


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  • I envy you... You have a boyfriend...
    Why did you break up with him? Did he do something wrong to you? Maybe he just forgot or doesn't have enough time to change his default pic in Twitter... But if he still truly loves you, then I guess he won't change it.
    If he did something wrong to you, like cheating on you, then don't put your hopes up, I don't think you can get him back unless the guy he cheated on you, cheated him back.


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  • Firstly, he could just really like the photo.. Or he could of been using at a sign that he wants to get back with you. You should hold out hope of you're sure that he feels the same.. I think you should evaluate why you want to get back with him.

    • Yeah I thought, he might really just like the photo lol, there's four people in it not just me and him. Being the awful social media stalker that I am, I noticed that he has edited down some of our instagram pictures. I'm still in some but he deleted others (like one where I had my shirt off)

      He hasn't left my mind really since I broke up with him and I have been constantly evaluating why I want to get back together with him and I feel that reasons are all really valid. He's sent one long e-mail back to me as a response to me reaching out to him a couple of times. In it he broke down some text messages I had sent them with individual responses and to an e-mail I sent to him explaining why I was breaking up with him (which I regret doing so much)

      I totally agree that he's hurt, and he never made any promises when it came to getting together for coffee sometime in the future in his letter. Thanks for all the replies!

    • He definitely seem hurt but as long as you can show him things won't be the same and you truly want him back then I believe things will be fine

  • Maybe he is either super lazy and just hasn't changed it. (I say this because I notice that a lot of people don't delete pictures with exes and it seems to be that they just don't care, or they just want to show off past relationships who knows.)

    What did he say when you told him you made a mistake? If he didn't answer maybe he's holding onto some pride?

    I hope this helped and wasn't too confusing!

  • You should definitely hold out hope hun. If he has you still in his pic for the public eye to see then your still on his mind for sure. The first thing anyone that breaks up runs to is their social media now days to change their pic and relationship status. sad but true


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