Can I be friends with him after spending straight 3 years with him ( as a gf) ?

Dating since: 3 years to be exact.
Age: 18(both)
So basically since the past 2 months he was really busy with his work, he has a high post at school and he is busy organizing this event which is in Feb.( we are in the same college)
So we hardly got time for each other, even when we did he used to act irritated and moody due to all his frustruations. I tried a lot to make him feel better and whenever he used to be free i used to go and talk to him but as time passed by i realized that he doesn't want me around ( after all his voice used to get high and those irritated looks). I don't know if i assumed all this but that is all i felt.
Plus whenever he used to be free for 5-10 mins he used to hang out with his friends and never called me to be with even one.
So all this started irritating me like dude you can't even spend 5-10 mins in school?
Due to all this i started distancing myself from him and started spending time without him for 2 weeks, it made me terribly sad but i did it anyways.

Then one day this guy whom i was friends with became over friendly and pulled my cheeks at school and acted lovey. I asked him not to do it again, i told my guy about it. IT made him jealous but he didn't react. The next day was our anniversary and that overfriendly guy came and sat with me, it was a coincidence that my guy was about to come and talk to me but as he saw that other guy with me he brokeup.

After 1 week he asked me to be friends, also he says that he doesn't want to try to be with me anymore because it doesn't work out. BUT he says he can't moveon and he will be the same with me like kiss me, makeout and that i will special for him, he loves me madly and stuff without getting the burden of being together to which i strictly said no.

*Now you all tell me what i should be doing because i am damn confused and hurt.
Now you all tell
  • Should i remain friends like that?
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  • Should i walk away?
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  • It doesn't work to remain as friends move one. Its wrong for both of you and also for your next relationship.

  • Damn, that's tough. Well maybe he has too much going to through his mind with all the busy stuff and frustrations you said earlier. I have some friends who lose control and don't know what they're doing whenever they're in the same situation. When he brokeup, maybe he's doing it for the good of two of you, yet he still has feelings. I'm sorry you're going through this pain. We've all been their. (Even me as of now) But does he still want to be with you or is it the other way around? What's the deal?

    • He wants to do everything we did in a relationship without actually being in one.

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    • I know. i am in such a weird situation.
      according to him we are perfect but not in a relation.
      i literally asked him to get back but he says it is of no use and that we are attached even more by being friends.
      Plus when i said that this shit sounds like friends with benefits he said no not at all i love you.
      God. :(

    • Ugh I feel for you, I don't know if it'll be possible for him to mean what he says because there could be a chance that he'll see other women at the same time IF you accepted what he wanted. (Which is good that you said no!) Remind him what friends with benefits are. Also, make it clear to him of what you want. Do the things he do prove what he says? And do you believe he is attached?

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