Is he rude and being disrespectful?

Me and my ex of 1.5 years broke up 2 months ago, and 3 weeks ago, I called him up because I was moving and he had a big item in my place which I can't move. So he came to pick it up. We had a friendly conversation,( I caught him looking at me with affection when I was playing with puppy, and quickly moved eyes away when I saw him), and after that day he would occasionally text me, I think things were getting a little better.

So one day I went to his place and asked him to help me potty train my new puppy ( I was absolutely frustrated with potty training, and he was the only one that knows how to deal with dogs in my circle.) He didn't want to help at first, but after I asked him again and again, he finally agreed and said I have to buy him dinner the next day. So the next day after work, I waited and waited, texted him, only to get a reply at 10:30pm telling me he just got back home from work and need to sleep. No apology, and he lied. He didn't stay at work late, he was at home the whole time- he is not the type of person would stay late at work.

It really pissed me off, and for me I think it shows that he has a poor personality and disrespectful. Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's just the way guys deal with this situation in the States? ( yes I thought there might be hope we can get back together, but that's not the point)


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  • It's the same reason why he broke up with u. What the flip is left of u and ur ex when y'all broke up with serious intent? It will surely happen again the 2nd time -_-
    Better not to waste ur time >.> first brk up means incompatibility or else juz let history repeat itself hurhue

    • I broke up with him... broke his heart. he really loved me, was looking at buying a ring for me...

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    • Because I wasn't sure if he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Then i regreted, asked him to get back together. He didn't agree.

    • Why did u feel day way? He didn't do anything funny did he '-'

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  • That does seem kind of rude to me. Why wouldn't he apologize for blowing you off? Maybe he wasn't so sure he wanted to go to dinner with you anymore.

  • Rude and very disrespectful, I can't stand guys like that.


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