How do I forget about the pain?

Me and my First love have been broken up for six months and I still can't forget the pain, how do I forget the pain of him?


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  • do you want to know how to forget about the pain what you do is you move on and find somebody else in your life who will make you happy that is the best way it has been 6 months and it's time to move on

    • I've tried. It didn't work. The pain wouldn't leave. The thought of the pain wouldn't leave

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  • I would try to move on the best way that you can. Socialize and talk to other people and hang out with your friends. You are going to have to distract yourself to forget about the pain. Go have fun with your life don't just sit and cry although sometimes you need to get the pain out. Maybe it could take a couple of more months. But I would try to meet new people and go out and explore the world.


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  • I drink (which isn't the best solution seeing how I have the same problem)

    You should try to get closure.


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