Why is my ex trying to make me jealous?

My ex and i were together for about 11 months and i broke up with her about 3 months ago because she wasn't confident enough to let people she was in a relationship with me and it mentally brought me down day by day when she would lie to people when they asked what my relationship was with her. I still see her around though because we have school together but i haven't talked to her since. But a few weeks after the breakup, i noticed that she would stand to the side of halls that she knows i walk in. She would stand with different guys each day/week and she would be facing me so she could see whether or not i saw them and my reaction too. I know she's doing this to make me mad because as soon as i changed up my routes, she would stop standing there with those guys because she didn't see me there anymore and knew there wasn't a point since i didn't see what she was doing. even though i avoid her, there's so much that i could do because she still finds ways to rub it in my face that she's talking to guys and it hurts and makes me cry for 2-3 days. But when i dont see her for weeks, im as happy as can be. What should i do? should i keep changing up my routes or should i continue walking the same way and not let her get to me? why is she doing this too? it's so annoying like that goodness ill be leaving for college next year and won't have to deal with this in a few months


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  • she wasn't paying attention to you so you split, now she is showing you that she can have others, just to make you jealous... classic case. question now is what to you want? do you want to be confident in the situation or do you want her back?

    • I want to be confident and I don't want her back at all because it's not worth it being with someone who wants to hide our relationship and bring me down. What should I do? And what advice can you give me to help me feel better about what she's doing to me?

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    • Would you say that she's helping me move on faster by making me upset like this? Like forcing me to move on?

    • doubt she's helping you with anything.. she may want you to come back.. but you don't want to. so again.. ignore.

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