Should I tell him how I feel or wait and see what he says?

So I'm kind of in love with my best friend and roommate, though I'm 90% certain he doesn't feel the same about me. And if I'm honest with myself, I'm sure the 10% that makes me question it is just me misinterpreting things to be how I want to see it. But that's beside the point.. on you all on here's advice, I'm going to try to move on by pulling away, spending less time alone with him and chatting online with him less while at work. What I want to know is do I tell him how I feel and that this is the reason I'm going to "take a break" from our close friendship, or do I just go with the flow and only tell him if he asks whats wrong or why we're "different" suddenly? Part of me wants to admit my feelings, just to get confirmation from him, but the other part doesn't want to screw up the living situation and make things awkward.


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  • I am guessing you are both adults. So my advice is to meet this head on. I would talk to him. Just tell him that you would like to pursue something more with him than you currently have However if he is not interested you are going to back off and give him room, and you would like him to give you room. It doesn't mean you are upset with him, it just means you are guarding your heart. If he is a good guy, he will understand. It may be a bit awkward at first but with time it will be fine (assuming he doesn't want more). On the other hand, you might find out he does want more and good things could happen.

    I wish you well!


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