Leave it or keep it?

Me and my ex have been dating for a year on and off. he broke-up with me this last time and just stopped talking to me. Also, when he broke-up with me i told him it was fine, i would date my friend he knew.
We hadn't talked in two months, but i would see him all the time at school in the hall, and there was a lot of tension between us. Recently i went and made peace with him. He told me got back with his ex. i told him i loved him and want him back and he seem shocked i still loved him, but he said he didn't want me back.
Now ever morning he has breakfast with me at school, he smiles at me in the hallways, hugs me in front of his friends. he also tells me he loves me, but he still say he doesn't want to be with me and continues to flirt with me.
He says he's going to marry his ex and throw the ring at her. i ask him if he's happy and he say he's content. i asked his co-worker if he's seeing anyone and he said he doesn't think so cause he told him he hasn't got any in awhile.
Is my ex seeing anyone or is he playing games with me?


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  • He's playing with you, leave him, just be friends.


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