My girlfriend broke up with me need advice?

okay so this is my situation I was with this girl for a month and this happens to be our second break up after the first break up I kept talking to her and we got back together she was complaining about how much she missed me. And now she broke up with me 2 days ago I had been ignoring her strictly no contact she recently texted me a few times and even called me my question is how long do you think I should wait until I contact her and then next time she calls me what do you think I should say to her I do love this girl and I want things to work out but I am willing to keep no contact as long as it takes I want her to beg for me back and she is needy and I know she will I just do not want to wait too long and have her think I am NOT interested can you guys and girls please give me your best advice I am new to this website and really do need relationship help all my relationships in the past I've been very bad thank you for all your help hope to hear your answer soon.
So have to say on this update it has been maby two months down the road. I did the no contact rule for a week. It droveher cray she realized that she missed me very much. It was hard for me and i was looking online for answeres overall it was a great technique and if i ever get mad at her i will do it again because i know it works from experience.


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  • If you happy to be with her. Then start it again. If not just stay friend. It is time to realize how you feel.


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  • At this website you will find out real quick that just because YOU asked the question, doesn't mean you are the victim. In fact in this case you BECAME the guilty party. You guys are doing a power struggle thing. this means your relationship is going to go kaput at some point if both of you don't stop playing games. she broke up with you twice in one month, it means she's afraid of something and is keeping one leg outside the door even though she likes you. You on the other hand are here saying "how long should I wait" "i want her to beg me" "i don't want her to think I'm not interested"
    No wonder your other ones were bad. Its time for you to stand up, stick up, and be real. break ups are a stress.. and if she can keep doing it like changing underwear, you have to make it clear that if she does that shit again... she better mean it because you won't come back. To do that, you have to call/text her (scrap this "how long" crap) contact her and let her know you want her back but if she pulls the break up stunt again, she loses you. You kill 3 birds with that move.

    • OK man. Thanks well I wanted to use no contact because I need her to know that I am serious ND she has a really bad temper and want her to re think everything. A lot of websites. say strictly no contact for 30 days but in my situation I have only been with this girl for 30 days so it's a little different she called me again this morning and I ignored her I'm trying to figure out what I should do there's a pretty good guy lie on this website saying to act busy as you're eating something and everything like that color you kind of busy maybe she can call back in a few days so I don't know if she filed follow this guideline I feel I should just get really pissed but at the same time I could see was it coming from and it probably would make her come running back

    • you don't need to be playing this game bro... just come right out and say it. save yourself the drama.

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  • You're hot. Move on. Relationships shouldn't be like this that early on.


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