Is he still interested? Is there a chance of reconciliation? Can I get him back? Does he have any interest?

Ok so I've recently started university, long story short I was walking to my bus stop and happened to see my ex sitting at the stop. I thought it was just some random guy that looked like him until I realised later on it wasn't. My thoughts while queuing up to get on the bus where "He's fine, he looks like a sexier version of my ex, but why would my ex be in this city." I would glance here and there, he appeared quite shy as when I qued up in front of him he looked down at his phone. I wanted to say Hi but then I started to remember all the things he said out of jealousy and anger to me ( throwing insults, then a year later showing interest again calling me beautiful, sexy...), because of how I ended the relationship years before. But anyway I just continued to get on my bus acting like I never saw him even though I blatantly looked a number of times. When I got to my seat I started to look at my phone, then I got the feeling that I was being stared at. Turned to the window two seats on my left and caught him staring at me hard. Couple of days later I happen to see him in a grocery store/food shopping store in the que. I was in a rush as I needed to get what I came for and go (it was late). Walking past the people in the que I noticed his presence, I think he thought I was approaching him as his body turned as if we were going to have a conversation and smiled at me. But when I walked past him he turned around and stared as I walked by. Lol which makes me wonder what's going through his mind. Then as he left I realised his friend I used to know came in and then as soon as I saw him I walked to the next aisle.
I still have feelings for him and find him attractive that's why it hurts to see him because of how I ended the relationship. We were only going out for a short while in high school many years before. He bought me jewellery

The city he goes university in is a 40 minute drive from where my university is, we don't live in the same city so why am I seeing him?


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  • Going by the signs, it seems he is still interested, but for a reconcilation you have to start from the scratch again, since it was you who broke the relationship, i would suggest that its a good opportunity for you to break the ice by just starting the conversation and understand whether he still have feelings for you.. if he is interested you can surely get him back


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  • Talk to him, see how it goes i think maybe the old spark can ignite a new fire

  • Sounds like he went out of his way to see you. And realizes how he misses you.


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