To go down this path, or to not?

Welll... I don't know what to say. So for the past couple of days, my ex started texting me again. Of course I got the nervous feeling inside again. Our breakup was rough well for me. Let's just leave it at that, and he ended things after six months. It wasn't long but enough time that I fell for him.

Anyway so his roommates who I made friends with went out last night for one of their birthdays. So my ex invited to me to join them, I was shocked but I still went. I asked one of my friends to join so it wouldn't be weird. So we drove to his place and damnn... everything felt normal between us.

As the night went on, me and my ex laid in bed and actually talked the entire night catching up on things and talking about the good times we had together. It killed me inside because I rememeberd why I liked him so much and the pain he put me through when he ended things.

He told me how I'm the only one he's comfortable around, and how no matter what happens we will always be friends. But in my heart it kind of killed when he said that because a part of me doesn't want to be just friends with him. But I know with our busy schedules it could never work, not anymore. So when I left, he kissed me goodbye but not the quick peck kisses but the ones that every girl likes to be kissed. It was like out of movie.

I know after today, he's not going to talk to me and it's going to be another couple of months since I hear or see him again. So I don't know what I'm asking for her, I guess I needed to rant... I just know that I will never fully get over him, and I need too. But I don't know how since I have tried everything after we broke up.

Or this a sign that me and him have another chance and take things slow and see where this whole friendship thing goes or this a sign that I should walk away while I still have the chance?


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  • A brutal truth:

    One does what one wants to do. If wants to be with you in anyway, you will hear from him today (perhaps tomorrow, but I don't want to give you false hope). If you don't then you know you are right, he is not really interested in something more with you.

    The best thing you can do is move on and keep busy. I would avoid him and give yourself room.

    If he does call you today, then maybe there is something. Take it very slow and very cautious and guard your heart.

    I wish you well and be careful!


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