Ex broke up with me, started initiating contact and now wanted to know if we could have lunch as "friends"?

Me and my ex have split for about 1.5 months now. She started contacting me more regularly and today she wanted to invite me out to eat. But I messed it up because I was too eager and honestly suprised by the invitation. How can I recover and hopefully get another invite or should I just ask her out myself?
She initiated the break up we were together for 8 months and i was a little over eager


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  • "As friends" is just a cover up for her, a defense mechanism. She clearly wants you back, but she won't let you know (yet), it will depend on how you behave and whether or not you're open for her. Just my 2 cents though.


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  • Who initiated the break up and how did you ruin the invite? How long did you guys date?


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  • I'd tell her to piss off, and that women might make good lovers but they don't make good friends.
    She'll need to make a better offer than that.


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