My boyfriends parents rejected me and now my boyfriend isn't talking to me?

So i was introduced to his parents finally and he told them that he wants to marry me they clearly said no to him because they already like someone else for him and want him to go through an arranged marriage. He rejected the other girl for obvious reasons. And he told me he tried to convince them and it didn't work. Now he is telling me that he dont want to hurt his parents and we should break up for good. He haven't texted or called me since past two days. He hasn't even logged in on whatsapp and deactivated his facebook! wth is going on? did he say yes to that other girl? I am loosing my mind I really love him. What can I do?


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  • forget this guy and move on
    even if you manage to convince him to come back he will always be guilty in front of his parents and whenever things start going a little south he will use that against you

    • Does he not love me to stand up to his parents?

    • I really can't say if its love that he lacks or the respect for his parents is whats keeping him away
      but whatever the reason is he has made it clear that his parents are the ones who will have a final say so there is no use of persuing him now

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  • It's time to move on. There's nothing you can do. If he decided to leave, let him leave. Find someone who puts you before anything else.


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  • He's a puppet and a pawn, if he lets his parents control his love life.
    You need a stronger man than that, who can think and act for himself.

    You can do better.


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  • I guess its time to move on. He has already stated his decision


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