Should I take him back, if he comes back?

This guy that I've been talking to for a year has been dealing with troubling family drama and has been very distant lately. I asked him if he wanted a few days to himself and those few days have turned into two weeks. The real me wants to call/text him and interrogate him like "ummm HELLOO? where have you been for the past two weeks" and the bitchy side of me wants to just tell him that he can stay gone if he thinks he can come and go out of my life as he pleases. but then the other side of me wants to be understanding to the fact that he is dealing with something personal right now. At this point, I think I've earned his trust but he is very reserved when it comes to matters of his heart. What should I do? should I be patient? Should I cuss him out? this is the first time we've ever gone longer than a few days without talking, and he expresses to me all the time how much he likes me so I'm just worried that maybe he's changed his mind about me?
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UPDATE: I wish it were easy for me to just tell him I miss him and that it's been too long, but I've been so expressive with my feelings in this relationship, to the point where I feel almost exposed. I feel like i am more of the CHASER, and he is the CHASEE who gets battered in sweet words and cute gestures... That's why I'm playing this waiting game right now, because I want him to chase me for a change


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  • Well darling, definitely DO NOT cuss him out lol. Trust me I've done this before and it doesn't so anything but push him away and feel like you dont care. So I would say maybe text him a meaningful text letting him know that you're here for him and if he would like to talk about the situation and add whatever you feel is necessary


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  • Ask him is he okay because you haven't heard from him for a while... Sometimes guys forget who they can talk to when they have stuff going on just let him know ur still there

  • He's not coming back. If he was, he would have reached out by now


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