How do I stop feeling down from being rejected?

I asked my sister to go with me on a date BC I have had bad dating experience in the past.. This guy was so nice when we were messaging eachother.. And really sweet too.. I told him my sister was coming and he said "its not a one on one date?"
I said "sorry do u mind.."
He said "not at all.." And then he asked if he could bring someone too.. I said sure..
We met for drinks and talked.. We intended on watching a movie.. But never got to it.. We hung out at one of their apts but something came up and my sister and I left.. My date texted me later and said they would be free in an hour if we wanted to meet up again somewhere else that night.. And then he said.. "But the thing is.. I am really attracted to ur sister.. And my friend really likes u.."
I only asked my sister out BC I was nervous about about MY date.. She actually already has a bf..
She and I r actually very different in personality.. I am more laid back and she is very loud and opinionated.. And she loves to drink.. But we r both equally goofy.. :p
It honestly bummed me out BC he and I messaged each other a lot before we finally met.. And I shared a ton of pics.. I only saw a couple of his..
This feels pretty crumby but I don't wanna think about it anymore.. Its hard tho.. 😕


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  • yea... bringing your sis is a buzz kill. i understand you want someone there but maybe try a comfortable place for the date just don't bring anyone with you and at the very least not family. well it is what it is now try to talk to his friend if u like him

    • Thanks.. Yea I understand what u mean.. But.. Once he said that.. It really turned me off from both of em..

    • then leave them alone... thats that

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  • Don't put too much of yourself into a first date, before you even know this person. It's not inappropriate for you to have asked your sister to come with. I let a girl bring her friend - guess what, I'm friends with them both now. It takes time to get over people, and it really hurts in the first few days. Fill your life up with things to do, and sleep on it you'll feel much better.

  • Rejection is a bitch and the only way to defeat it is to find someone else to flirt with. You will soon forget all about it when your flirting with a new guy.

  • If he seriously went for your sister after meeting for such a short time, don't even feel guilty about it. I would just cut him off right then and there. Move on and find someone different and don't look back.


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